Major Functions of the Machine Tool

GP6020 semi-automatic spline shaft milling machine is designed to process straight-slot long spline shaft through hobbing. It can also be used to process straight gear shaft.

IV. Major Performance and Structural Features of the Machine Tool

 This machine, by applying electrical hydraulic control, could realize  semi-automatic one-time work cycle, automatically completing the following action: Rapid approaching of milling head; vertical cutting of the slide; rapid return of the milling head; rapid return of the slide

 The machine has a mechanism that could eliminate the gap between feed screws and nuts, and perform hydraulic control against tensioned workpiece at down milling tailstock

1. Lathe Bed

 The lathe bed is a rectangular box with sufficient rigidity. On the left side of the bed locate the electrical box, the main motor and the fast motor. On the right side of the bed locates the hydraulic control equipment. The cooling pump motor and coolant tank are located in the middle of the hydraulic oil bath.

2. Lathe Head

 The lathe head is equipped with the components of the index feed rapid transmission mechanism. Open the rear door of the lathe head, there is the exchange hanging wheel for milling cuter speed indexing and feeding. Its major function is to transmit the indexing movement to workpiece supporting workpiece, transmit the feeding movement to the feed screw and transmit the milling cutter rotary movement to the feed rod. 

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