G series High Speed CNC Hobbing Machine 


G series are High Speed Direct Drive CNC Hobbing Machine. Mainly include G120、G150、 G200、G320、G400、G600 models.

This series of high-speed CNC hobbing machine is designed as direct drive machine.Direct Driving Hob Spindle and Workbench with German Siemens High Power Direct Drive Motor. 1,Compared with YK series,The advantages of this series are higher rigidity,higher cutting force,Higher accuracy and stability and Extremely maintenance free of B and C axis maximum. 2,This series can machining 0.3-6 models cylindrical spur , helical gears,drum gear and small taper gear.Also can machining spline,synchronous pulley,sprocket wheel,worm gear and various non-standard gears. 3, Equipped with special options, two knife and finishing machine can realize gear scraping function, eliminating the hard tooth surface gear grinding process which saves the processing cost. 4,Direct drive spindle has been specially processed and accurately debugged to achieve excellent efficiency ratio.Equipped with oil cooling system to solve the heat problem of spindle.5,Automatic feeding and unloading device can be selected to achieve higher automation production, improve productivity, greatly reduce production costs and professional and technical requirements for operators. 6,Wet-cut cooling or air-cooled Micro-lubrication cooling can be selected to meet the requirements of various processing schemes of users. 7,Unique machine tool structure design makes the machine tool has a high overall rigidity, can withstand heavy cutting and secondary hard scraping. 8,Tool spindle has the function of automatic tightening and loosening of tool rod, which improves the operation convenience. 9,Using high strength castings and double wall structure design to enhance the processing stability and rigidity of machine tools 10, Friendly nc interface makes the machine easy to operate, operator training to operation of machine tools by simple days.

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